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Globally standardized communications exchange

Tier1FX International provides DMA FX, Metals and CFDs liquidity via the globally standardized communications exchange

Tier1FX International FIX API with an enriched connection

The main advantage of the FIX API is how light and fast it is. At its very core, it was designed to transfer huge amounts of information at high frequency.
Moreover, it benefits from being specifically built for the financial industry. This means that it is built on foundations that all financial traders will be familiar with.

Since the FIX API is designed to work anonymously, traders who use a proprietary system can make full use of it without any risks that their strategy might become public.

Finally, it is industry-unified, which means setting up a connection is fast and easy. The FIX API will be ready to use for traders in no time.

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FIX API Key Benefits

Direct MT4 bridge connectivity

Access to Tier1FX DMA hub no matter which MT4 bridge you’re currently using.

Cross-connection available

Tier1FX trading servers are cross-connected in NY4 through Beeks Financial Cloud.

Back-office integration

Web API supporting integration with back-office systems for reporting, data mining and business intelligence.


MT4 to FIX API Bridge

Bridge your MT4 EA to a FIX API account

To satisfy clients needs of trading EA under a typical MT4 architecture but at the same time to be able to offer a professional trading environment without the limitations that a retail platform like MT4 has, Tier1FX has developed a comprehensive solution, based on connecting MT4 to a professional FIX API account providing full control over the clearing process.

Main Advantanges

No need to re-code MT4 EA.
FIX API protocol low-latency execution.
Access to a professional trading platform via Fortex 5 GUI
Access to professional post-trade reporting.
Compatible with MT4 hedging.

Swap netting

Commission and Swaps are charged in the FIX Account.
You will pay swaps based on your net exposure.
i.e. if one MT4 account is 10 lots long EURUSD and 10 lots short EURUSD, the FIX Account will net the trades, so that net exposure is 0 no swaps will be charged.


Download our MT4 to FIX API bridge white paper